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About Us

Horizon Jet was started with a single goal – to provide the highest level of comprehensive services to those owning and using private aircraft to satisfy their unique travel needs. Formed by a team with a solid experience of 22 years in the aviation  industry letting us to become a recognized leader in private aircraft management for discerning clients.

With a solid experience in the management of aircrafts, we help our clients in all fields, from the study of acquisition, purchase process, registration, recruitment of crews and commissioning as well as intermediary between the operator and the owner of the aircraft, ensuring their assets.

If the future owner requires it, we also able to instruct his designated employee on the day to day  of an aircraft operation.


For our customers who wishes to charter a jet we have at their disposal not only the aircrafts managed by us as well we provide access to a worldwide network of 3000 + aircrafts.

You’ll notice the difference starting with your first flight with us.

Contact us today to learn more.

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